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Laura is a leader in problem solving, showing the way for others to navigate through their challenges and offering solutions that allow them to live by design. Laura walks her talk and leads the way by being a shining example of one who maximizes human potential and expansion.
Laura is a leading Mindset Coach & Consultant working with individuals, groups, companies and organisations to break through limiting beliefs, blocks and inaction. By integrating and aligning values, meaning and purpose within the individual, Laura is able to rapidly transform each person’s experience and life’s journey into one that is both fulfilling and inspiring.
Presenting her signature Breakthrough programs around Australia and internationally, Laura specializes in human behavior and integrates The Demartini Method® with her results driven programs to assist clients to gain a new perspective for intelligent living and to be inspired by life, by teaching them to overcome their challenges, obtain self-governance, and activate their true potential.
Laura is a Certified Master Demartini Method® Facilitator (one of only a select few in the world) and is a Licensed Demartini Values® Facilitator. Laura has been an avid student of Dr. John Demartini and has been studying with the Demartini institute for the last 15 years, focusing in the areas of physics, biology, physiology, psychology, philosophy, and theology in relation to the application of the Demartini Method®, the mind body connection and the driving force of human behaviour.

“When you meet Laura you’ll know she is a walk-your-talk woman of substance. Not only does she keep herself congruent to her teachings, she keeps herself accountable to her intentions, goals and actions – and she will keep you accountable to yours!”

Laura began her career as a Registered Nurse – having done her original Training at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, she then went on and completed a Bachelor of Nursing at Griffith University, Nathan, Brisbane. Laura’s 25 years in nursing and acute care-management has been the cornerstone of her skilful leadership, management abilities and business acumen. Working in and being in charge of major surgical units, and working as an anaesthetic nurse in a large operating theatre complex has enabled Laura to develop a remarkable understanding of human behaviour and organisational dynamics.

Laura has effectively balanced with her nursing career with her business management abilities as a part-owner in a thriving Brisbane business for over 20 years. Laura made a very successful transition into the residential real estate industry, where for 7 years was consistently ranked in the Top 10 salespeople for Australia within a multi-national real estate company.

In order to balance her investment and savings strategy, Laura ventured into the world of share trading, and has developed skills in active and passive share trading. With strong financial credentials, Laura has been able to help many clients establish a strong relationship with money and wealth building.

Laura assists clients to expand and grow in all 7 areas of life – Spiritual Quest and Purpose, Mental Knowledge & Understanding, Vocational Vision & Fulfilment, Financial Independence and self-sufficiency, Family & Relationship Connection, Social Power & Influence and Physical Wellness & Vitality. Integral to her coaching is to assist the individual to open up to becoming their own authority, and having an authentic, congruent and purposeful life.

“Tap into The Power of Purpose and witness your Dreams Transform in Tangible Reality”

A few months ago I attended Laura’s Wealth Building Workshop. The energy and the content of the workshop brought my financial and personal awareness to a new high. What I didn’t realise at the time is the depth and the permanence of the transformation of my views in life. Through Laura’s skillful facilitating I effectively peeled away old layers of fear and guilt, which enlightened me to recognize opportunities that I now embrace, feeling empowered to take on the new challenges. Almost immediately my income increased significantly, and I seemed to be getting opportunities cropping up from nowhere. I now live a life paving paths to bigger achievements, being an ever evolving version of myself, walking congruently within my values.Olivia Antonic

Real Estate Professional, Perth

Laura’s combination of business wisdom and caring shines through in her work. She has a great ability to help people uncover problems they didn’t realise were there and impeding progress; and for helping people to find opportunities they didn’t know existed – opportunities that can significantly propel them forward in reaching their business and financial goals. If you are wanting to improve your financial position, I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Laura, and putting into practice her well-developed guidance on building wealth.Sridhar Krishnamurti

Business Consultant, Christchurch, NZ

My friend took me along to Laura’s half day. In this session something shifted in my thinking about business and finances. I then joined Laura for her three-day course. In the three days, I not only got rid of unhealthy mindsets, I started seeing how this business can grow globally. How empowering!!! Thank you Laura.Leanne Davey

Business Owner, Melbourne

I used to ask “What’s wrong with me?” but now I know what’s right with me and I have the vision to move forward. Thanks Laura!Felicity Walker

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