Business Training

Laura has spent her career in many corporate environments and utilizes that experience along with her training to speak to your workforce. She uses Workforce Engagement Systems that will create higher employee retention, and increased productivity and fulfilment.

Topics include:

  • Workforce engagement
  • Productivity increases which lead to greater profit margins
  • Reduction in costs associated with workforce retention
  • Creating stability and fluidity in the corporate structure and workplace
  • Application of value systems into the screen process with both internal and external employee prospects
  • Corporate Vision Alignment
  • Integration of company ethos with management and workforce
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Creating a collaborative corporate culture

Click here for a Free Discovery  Session with Laura Hughes to begin a dialogue into the needs of your corporation or organisation. Discover how the WORKFORCE ENGAGEMENT SYSTEMS can benefit the consolidation and growth of your company.


14 Kamala Crescent, Casuarina NSW 2487


+61 434 552 225


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