When you are in a funk, how to get back your Mojo??

I was talking with a client a few days ago, and I said to him “You are really in a funk!” to which he replied in a flat voice “Yes, I am…”

I am not talking about depression here, when we feel “down”. I am talking about being in a place of indifference. Feeling indifferent, or as I like to put it “Meh”, is a place where we are uninspired, and feeling like there is little point to doing anything, life goes on and what is the point in trying. It is not a great place to be in and can lead to feelings defeated, living a life of desperation and discontent.

Depression is caused by having unrealistic expectations towards yourself, others, the world in general of a combination of these. Having a fantasy about how life should be and feeling bad when your reality does not match up with the fantasy. Break the fantasy and you break the depression.

Feeling indifferent is when you can see both sides, you are seeing positives and negatives in most things, and perceive life to be in balanced. You see that no matter what you do there will be benefits and drawbacks – that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, it is just different grass. BUT…You are not inspired and enthusiastic, and you feel unfulfilled. You see the balance, but you are still judging good & bad, right & wrong – you are not in a place of true grace and unconditional love.

So what is the cause of indifference?? How do we get to being in a funk??

  1. Doing some inner work, but not go all the way to completion. So effectively “half doing” the work. I see this sometimes with people who have done the Demartini Method, and have an understanding of the universal principals behind the Demartini Method, have applied the method to one person or once issue/incident but have not gone all the way to being complete with that person or situation. Completion is when you have an open heart moment where you are truly grateful for that person/incident and you would not change a thing.

  2. Intellectualising the work but not feeling it in your heart. You can think things through, but unless you have an “uh-hah” moment/realisation/shift and feel it, your thoughts will not translate to changes at your cellular level.

  3. Not having goals and visions truly aligned with your highest values. Flow, enthusiasm, inspiration and certainty occur when you are authentically aligned.

  4. Trying to “arrive”. There is NO ARRIVAL POINT in life – only the journey. Eventually you will feel defeated trying to reach the unreachable.

  5. Not growing. You are either growing or you are decaying. The universe is in perpetual motion. One cannot stand still – expand or shrink. Shrinking will bring on despondency – meh – indifference.

So how do we bring back the Mojo Flow???

  • Do the work …. All the way to completion. Don’t do a half job – finish. Once finished work on the next mis-perception. You will EVER be done – keep blossoming and unfolding. Whether you apply the Demartini Method or another modality (yes, there are many “Roads that lead to Rome”) do the work as it needs to be done and don’t stop until you are finished – and when you are finished tackle the next issue!!!

  • Find your PURPOSE. Focus on what “floats your boat”. Do what you love and love what you do. Find the courage and give yourself permission to do what you were put on the planet to do.

  • Set out an action plan of how to have the life you love. See how what you have in front of you is “on the way” and not “in the way”. Step by step move towards a fulfilling life.

  • Live your life ON PURPOSE and there is no arriving.

  • G R O W …

Are you stuck in a place of indifference and can’t seem to get your Mojo back? Let’s hop on a call and discuss how I can help you get purpose, clarity, and most importantly get that mojo back!

P.S What happened with my client??? We are working on all of the above!